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A tremendous thank you is in order.

I'll keep an eye out, but for some reason I feel he's gone.
It's OK. I actually like being on foot better anyway. I can negotiate hills and rocky areas better without him and I love swimming.
I would imagine ahletics don't increase while riding either.

I used the fast travel a few times, even though I prefer to travel myself, but I forgot which town I was in when I lost him and now whenever I arrive, I'm always looking for that "Your horse is in the stables" message. Like I said, no biggie. But thank you guys anyway.

As I started reading your posts, I smacked myself on the head, instantly remembering to go to church.
...should have known better, duh.

I'm on course for the Deadra artifacts quest and I do realize this is a nice, long game so I need to just chill and not get in such a hurry.
It's a matter of downshifting from the button mashing console mindframe.

All of your help is appreciated.
...and thanks ChAiNz for the link. I'll refer to it often, but I still enjoy bothering you guys.

If you're in the US, have great 4th holiday.
If not, then just have a great day(period)


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