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Grim Fandango movie already released! Not a joke...

I exposed this idea on the general Mixnmojo forums , but none got really interested.So I decided to try on a more "specialized" forum...

There are often rumors on the net about a Grim Fandango movie... well... that's really strange...

Haven't you seen yet the already-released-and-available-on-DVD-and-soon-I-think-HDDVD-Grim Fandango movie?

I don't know if someone already noticed that, but one CG movie got some HEAVY inspiration from Grim Fandango: Monsters Inc.

An outer world where a Department-like structure fulfill a "social service".

A conspiration inside the Department.

A strong rivalry for "the most efficient worker" award between the two best employers of the Department.

The searching for a loved-one.

A secret-resistance movement inside the Department itself.

Mmmmm, just a coincidence? Perhaps you can find other similarities by yourself!

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