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TOR ate my KotOR
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Found another explanation for your missing horse last night (possibly the same one ChAiNz wrote about). I’m finishing the Fighters Guild quest and purchase another horse do to the travel required across the Province Of Cyrodiil at this time. Sometimes between “Trolls or Forsaken Mine” and “The Stone of St Alessia” the horse just disappeared. I don’t mean I couldn’t find it, I mean it literally disappeared. After leaving Sedor, I was walking down the mountain and I got the white horseshoe icon, but could not see my black horse. I clicked on it and was locked into a running stance but getting nowhere. I could not do anything except go to the menu and fast travel. I fast traveled to a nearby camp and found myself mounted on my missing friend.

Question: Are the people of Cyrodiil speciesist?

I’m on my forth play through and at this point of the game no matter my species the people of Cyrodiil have always loved me, but as a little female Bosmer the people are not as friendly. I’ve completed the main, most of the Fighters Guild Quest and most of the Non-Guild Quest. She has not murder anyone and never had a bounty on her head. I did not even fight the Grey Prince. She has been a nice young lady (so far, she is designed for the Thefts Guild Quest and the Dark Brotherhood if I can get myself to play though that line of quest again). My Imperial, Nord and Redguard did not have this problem, although I like this better as I get to play the minigame more this round and increase my skill faster.
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