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Timelords get more than 13 regenerations... they just have to find a new body and start again, which I think was what the TV movie was about (I dunno, it's beena while since I've seen it).

Huz: it's repeated on BBC Three on Sunday (today) at 7.00, and then on Friday at 8.00!

A lot of people (all two of you!) have been mentioning cliches, but I don't think that cliches are neccesarily bad. If it's done well, and it's exciting, and it builds on the action and magic, then who cares if it's been done before?

I thought that the 2007 season was in some ways better than the previous two - at least it didn't have any turkey episodes like Love and Monsters or Boom Town! But, to each their own. The important thing is that you enjoy it, and I enjoy Doctor Who like nothing else. It's easily my favourite TV show.

I hope for season four we get the hinted Agatha Christie episode. I loved seeing Dickens and Shakespeare.
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