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“Sir, ally fighter wishes to enter the station”- My officer said
“Huh? Who is it?”-I said
“Is Imperial Knight Crowlis Zionosis”- He Said
“Let him at once, he is a great friend of mine. Tell him to report here to the command center”- I said
“Yes, Sir”- The officer said
“At least more help”- Hekil Blen said
“Yes”- I responded
“Tell Herrith Clouwynn to take his ships out of the station and be already in position, how much time he have?”-I said
“Approximated 27 minutes sir”-He informed
“Ok,Inform that order I gave you officer activate the shield, prepare you’re man here in the station and bring Crowlis. Captain Hekil,I would ask you and you’re family to leave the station and go to the planet, it more safe for you and you’re family.”-I said
“I will stay here, but take my wife and daughter to Ord Mantell in my private shuttle with 3 soldiers”-He asked me
“Yes sir, Execute the order officer”-I said to another officer in the command center.

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