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((Hey, Atomic? Ya mean "As Ganner walked over to the comlink"? ))

Getting up from the medical capsule, Lyna remembered the holodisc the old ghost gave her. "Um, guys? I... I got a holodisc an... old friend gave to me, when I was at the stairs of the Tempe. I'll... I'll place it in the holoprojector right quick." She walks to the holoprojector and pops in the holodisc. As the lights dimmed, the holovid came on. There inside it, was a man and woman. Lyna knew for sure... that was her parents. She sits down.

"Is the holocam on?" A woman asked. It was Sasha, Lyna's mom. "Um... yep! It's on." That was Jasten, her father. Sasha waved her hand for Jasten to sit down. "Okay, okay. Come sit." Jasten sits on the couch by his wife. Sasha smiled. "Hello, Lyna. It's your parents, Jasten and Sasha Honso. That's us." Jasten makes a salute with his fingers. "Hi sweetheart."

The woman in the holovid began her story. "We made this holodisc for you, because you might not see us in the future if we... died. But we love you, and our criminal acts are not the real facts. The real fact is that... when we were gonna have you, we were poor." Jasten added, "And we didn't get accepted at any jobs." Sasha shook her head in agreement.

Jasten continued. "But... you see... we love you. And we hope that you won't turn into something like us. We..." Suddenly, he gets sidetracked, and looks away from the holocam. "Hey! Hey! I told you kids to stay out of the hallway! We're recording something!" Jasten gets up from the couch. The holocam turns to him, and there are images of children, laughing and running from Jasten.

"Don't make me tell your moms that... hey!" Jasten chases them. The holocam turns back to a confused and happy Sasha. "Well, those are our apartment neighbor's kids. But... that's all we wanted to tell you, Lyna, and I hope you never forget us." Lyna shook her head sadly. "I won't."

Sasha's final words were, "Goodbye, sweetheart. Oh! And your father says goodbye too. We love you." And with that, Sasha blows a kiss to the holocam, and it turns off. When the lights came back on, Lyna sat there, speechless. She had her father's eyes, and her mother's beautiful smile and face. Lyna covered her eyes, and bowed head, trying to hide the tears.
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