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Originally Posted by Brighteyes
Love his books, but everytime we meet we argue. I went through a very geeky phase of going to the discworld conventions and book signings and due to him bring such an arrogant self centred lispey smeghead we always end up fighting.
Not wholy sure if I'd like to meet him in person, love his books, but I've seen interviews and well, he's a bit dissapointing compared to what I pictured in my head. Otherwise though, as far as his persona goes, I feel he's just able to speak his mind more than most people.

I do have to ask, what did you argue about though?

Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
I really don't give a rat's arse about Harry Potter, but I'm against dumbing stories down so just that stupid casual movies goers with an attention span rivaling that of a housefly get it...
I'm not talking about dumbing stories down, I'm talking about tightening up the plot and leaving anything out that's completely irrelevent to the main plot. Movie making's about balance of plot, storylines and characters, it's not about including your favorite scene from the book simply because you liked it. If you want a movie that's a page by page translation of the book then be prepared to go see a 6 hour movie at minimum.

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