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Lancelot L'estat

Oh, by the Nine Devines, I've become a blood-sucker.

I've only had one dream so far, so I should be able to rid myself of this plague without too much trouble. I think it's only been one day.

However, this bodes an interesting avenue next time 'round.
Well, with this game, you never know.
Perhaps even later in this game I'll get the itch to explore Porphyric Hemophilia.

It's kinda funny. I contracted this on a Daedra Artifacts quest.
It's almost like I had no choice. I managed to stay away from the Vamps as best I could as I fought them in the cave, but somehow I was bitten.
Oh, well, they're all dead now. Time to get to church.

I think I've prayed more in this game than I have in real life lately.

...kinda sad.

Is it me or is the Dwarven armor and greaves awesome?
All I need now are the boots and gauntlets. (hint, hint)

I was using the Mythriil armor for less weight, but the gold Dwarven is swizzeet !!


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