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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Oh, by the Nine Devines, I've become a blood-sucker.

I've only had one dream so far, so I should be able to rid myself of this plague without too much trouble. I think it's only been one day.

Perhaps even later in this game I'll get the itch to explore Porphyric Hemophilia.
Being a vampire does have its advantages in Oblivion. If you keep it at stage 1 vampirism by feeding every day you won't take any sun damage by being outdoors during the day, and it does provide you with a Nighteye+DetectLife ability, some pretty useful resistances (Disease and Paralysis) along with a small attribute and skill boost. NPCs generally won't see that there is anything wrong with you and you can move and interact with people as usual in civilized areas (which is rather weird considering the downsides).

The only downsides are that you get more vulnerable to fire and that you suddenly look like you're 200 years old (or 2000 if you play as an elf), which is kind of annoying since you're not supposed to have any that noticeable appearance changes as a stage 1 vamp according to the in-game lore. You'll also have to feed once every day to stay at stage 1, though fortunately you don't have to kill your victims so it's enough to sneak up on a sleeping beggar during the night and feed on them.

Stage 2, 3 and 4 vampirism grants stronger bonuses and more spells, but will also make you take continuous damage while being outside during the day and will make NPCs take notice of your transformation and shy away from you, so generally I don't think those stages are worth it. Especially not if you play as an otherwise "good" character who's happened to become a victim of vampirism.

There is a (fairly long) quest that allows you to obtain a cure for vampirism and get turned back to normal. If you have the unpatched game (don't know how the X-box handles patches) you should do this before completing the game's main quest or there may be a bug that breaks the quest rendering you unable to complete it, essentially getting you stuck as a vampire forever. The quest results in a cure potion you can drink whenever you wish, so you can obtain the cure even if you don't want to stop being a vampire just yet. Once you've imbibed the cure you'll get immune to the disease and can't become a vampire again.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
It's kinda funny. I contracted this on a Daedra Artifacts quest.
It's almost like I had no choice. I managed to stay away from the Vamps as best I could as I fought them in the cave, but somehow I was bitten.
You can get infected by that disease if you loot their corpses as well, they don't need to be alive to give you Porphyric Hemophilia.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Is it me or is the Dwarven armor and greaves awesome?
All I need now are the boots and gauntlets. (hint, hint)
I was using the Mythriil armor for less weight, but the gold Dwarven is swizzeet !!
If you want to collect a full set you should look around before leveling up too far. Since most NPCs (unfortunately) wear leveled armor in the unmodded game you're going to end up with even peasant farmers, marauders and highwaymen walking around in nothing but Daedric armor eventually. Quite ridiculous, but that's how the game is.

Marauder fortresses/caves and vampire lairs are usually good sources for heavy armor parts. Rockmilk Cave north of Leyawiin (just northeast of Borderwatch) is a pretty good spot to find lots of Marauders that are busy fighting bandits so you only have to deal with the stragglers. Barren Cave, right next to the road between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal (near the waterfall and lake) is a pretty good vampire lair that's fairly compact and contains two boss-level vampires who usually wear heavy armor. Like most places in the game everything respawns if you don't go there for 3 days, so they can be visited repeatedly.

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