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TOR ate my KotOR
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Thanks Stoffe, I really appreciate it, but I hate that you had to write a report of specieism within Cyrodiil. Got my fame up over 100 over the weekend and most everyone seems to love me again, except a few of those Dark Elves.

The first time I played the game I avoided vampires as much as you can in Cyrodiil. Now my favorite sport is Vampire hunting. My little Bosmer with her “Fire Me Up” blade (enchanted Fire sword) tear up the vampires around Cyrodiil. That occupation has made her a devout believer in the Nine’s.

Originally Posted by stoffe
There is a (fairly long) quest that allows you to obtain a cure for vampirism and get turned back to normal. If you have the unpatched game (don't know how the X-box handles patches) you should do this before completing the game's main quest or there may be a bug that breaks the quest rendering you unable to complete it, essentially getting you stuck as a vampire forever. The quest results in a cure potion you can drink whenever you wish, so you can obtain the cure even if you don't want to stop being a vampire just yet. Once you've imbibed the cure you'll get immune to the disease and can't become a vampire again.
Thanks again Stoffe, I was planning to try vampirism if I went through the Dark Brotherhood quest again. I’m not hooked up to Xbox Live so I wouldn’t have been happy doing the quest and remaining a vampire. You save me a lot of frustration, thanks. I’ll try it next time I start a new character before completing the main quest.
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