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Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
Then you've got a generic skeleton plot with lifeless characters. Bravo.
You generally have about 2 to 3 storylines going at once in a movie. If you include things that are irrelivant to them, there's no point to it.

Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
You make it sounds as if 6 hour movies were a bad thing.

Seriously, I'd really love to see 6+ hour movies. Gives it time to really get to know the setting, characters, etc.. Makes them seem to have a life outside the plot, makes it realistic.
If you want all that read a book. Depending on the type of movie anything longer than about 2 and a half hours tends to tire people out and they lose interest. And yes, I know you're about to argue about people with short attention spans again, but then not everybody has a decent attention span. I personally am able to sit through an entire season of 24 in one sitting (that's 16 hours) without getting bored and yes, I could sit through a 6 hour movie, but only if it was engaging. Most movies longer than about 2 hours tend to just drag on for no reason.

And making the movie seem real isn't as important as you think. Making it seem believeable and somewhat realistic is important, but actually real? Real life is boring. People go to the movies to get away from that.

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