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Cade was very close to that Flagship. He saw the open hanger bay doors, with TIE's flying out. He made the ship go faster at full speed, and shot through the Atmosphere Stabilizing Force Field.

Cade made a rough landing as his ship scraped on the ship's floor. He opened his cockpit, and exited the ship.

"Strange..." he thought. "I don't sense Darth Nihl onboard..."

He looked around and saw heavy heaps of cargo and machinery around the Hanger. There were no remaining TIE's, but Storm Troopers came marching to Cade.

He sighed, as he pulled out his...

"Whoops!" he forgot his Lightsaber. "Damn! Oh well, I've got a better idea!"

He jumped back into his ship, but didn't turn the engine on. He fired the triggers on his control stick at the approaching enemy. One-by-one they fell at the awsome might of his Star Fighter's Weaponry. It was almost like controlling a tank!

Alas, the Storm Troopers were all dead. He jumped back out, pulled out his Blaster Pistol. He walked towards the dead bodies of the Imperials, and grabbed one of their Rifles, for extra defense.
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