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“Welcome Crowlis, we need all the help we can get…. Let’s prepare the enemy is almost here.”-I said

I then went to table opened a hologram to talk with the commanders in the Ord Matell.

“Officer Hert Yen you and you’re forces will be under the command of Imperial Knight Arvil Naskin which must be by now right there.”- I said

“Yes sir, he is right here and it will be a pleasure to serve under his command.” Hert said

“Good prepare for the enemy to arrive, they will arrive in minutes”-I commanded

“Yes sir I will inform Master Naskin”- Hert said

Then I closed the hologram walked to the command center along side with Crowlis and said “Shields On!”

“Yes sir”-A Officer responded

“Hekil take Crowlis to his man.” I said

“Yes, Fallow me knight”-Hekil said

“All turrents defenses activated sir”-another officer said

“Good inform our ships to leave hangar right now and tell the Admiral Yen Gir and Admiral Rel Onad to prepare for enemy contact”- I said

“Yes sir”-my right hand officer said

“Sir, Enemy has arrived….”-My officer said.

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