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Originally Posted by Joshi
Take out the adverts and you have 40 minutes per episode. Not as realtime as we think.
There's no way they can get away with a third of the hour being filled with adverts... Are you sure that this is true?

Actually, Now that I think about it, when I used to watch Lost (when it was good(ish); the first season) the adverts came on before the title sequence and after, with frequent breaks throughout.

I was made to watch the disgraceful Stormbreaker today. Please don't watch it, it will make you cry. The fact the Ewan McGregor was in it was really sad, he was superb in Trainspotting and now... this...
Anyway, the product placement in this film is terrible and blatant. One of the "gadgets" given to the main character (a secret agent...) is a "Nintendo DS Game system" given to him by Stephen Fry (Stephen F*cking Fry). The games are all "gadgets" too, utilizing the console's wireless capabilities as a bug-tracking device, and somehow getting the DS to emit smoke by inserting a cartridge into it. The last game presented by Fry, however, is Mario Cart. When asked what benefits this game has, Fry explains that it's just a game for if he gets bored on the flight, doing nothing for the plot or the development; the whole scene cshould have been avoided. There are other instances too, although this one was timed with the release of the DS, boosting the potential income from this scene. I wonder how much money they got from the product placement in that film. That really pisses me off, they knew it would be a successful, profitable film anyway because they had enough money to launch it properly. The obviously didn't have enough to make a good film, though. Arseholes.

Now, On the topic of book to film projects, I was disappointed with the made-for-TV Hogfather (Pratchett). In my opinion, Night Watch would make an epic film; much more potential than Hogfather. As is the way with Thud! in my opinion.
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