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Political ignorance..?

I love History lessons at my school. My teacher is excellent, he is 23 and sadly is soon leaving my school to be a lecturer. He has some unique ways of teaching and a very political mind, today this was demonstrated with an experiment of his. He printed out three English political party's manifestos on a sheet without naming the party (they were indicated as "Party A", "Party B" and "Party C"). We were made to read the manifestos and we were given an entirely confidential ballot voting for A, B or C.

I voted for Party A, as did eight others. Three people voted for party C and only two voted for B (there were only 14 people present in my form...)

After voting, we were told who the parties were. Party B, the party with the least votes was Conservative. Party C was Labour. Party A, the winning party, was The Green Party.

This, to me, suggests that The Green Party would win the general elections if people read the manifesto before voting. What do you think?
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