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Lyna Force pushed a Sith into the wall of the Praxuem. She had to go see if the Alliance Rogue Squadron was here. Lyna, followed by Cyan, ran back to the room where Cade had laid at before. She began to hologram the commander of the Alliance. "Commander? Are you all here?"

A response came from a man with an Alliance helmet on. "Yes ma'am. We're just about to send additional troops down by the Jedi Praxuem." Lyna nodded. "Thank you, commander. We appreciate your help." The commander smiled and shrugged. "No problem."

Lyna turned off the holoprojector. As she was going out, she noticed a long cylinder on the table. She picked it up, and reconginzed it. It was Cade's lightsaber. "Oh no! Cade forgot his lightsaber! C'mon, Cyan!" The little binjinphant followed Lyna to the hangar.

When she and Cyan went in the starship, Lyna told her little friend, "Cyan? Fasten your seat belt." Lyna's starship flew from the hangar, and into space. The young woman comlinked Wolf. "Master Sazen! I gotta give something to Cade. I might or might not be back, so... hold down the fort!"

After that, Lyna was in space. She shot down every TIE fighter that was getting in her way. The starship spun, and flew past a couple of TIE's. "Wow. I'm getting pretty good at this." Lyna could sense Cade and Ganner on the Flagship. She zoomed past a bunch of TIE's, and landed roughly in the hangar.

Lyna got out, dizzy. As did Cyan. She raised Cade's lightsaber. "I... got... your... lightsaber, Cade." She walked towards them as if she was drunk, handing Cade his lightsaber.
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