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Voltare stood on the bridge of his ship, The Infinity, a freshly produced Star Destroyer from Kuat Ship Yards. Behind Voltare, two more Destroyers follow, in triangle formation. Admiral Dustane and Ross chime in on the comm unit.

"Sir, our scanners report seven enemy vessels, and numerous fighters." says Dustane.

"We confirm that, sir. Orders?" asks Ross.

Voltare still stands, looking out the view port. In the distance, the Sith Destroyers lie, waiting. Voltare looks at his commanding officer, and nods. The officer salutes, then yells to the bridge crew.

"All weapons to full alert! Have the fighters sent out at once. Raise shields to maximum, and prepare for enemy assault!"

Like a machine, the fighters from all three Star Destroyers pour out at once, and link up into their respectful squadrons. One by one, they report all green lights. The Predator Ties were making their way to the enemy.

Voltare once again turns to his first officer.

"Order the fleet to break off."

"Sir?" asks an astonished officer.

"Tell them to break off. We're a bigger target together, and it will give us a better attack position." Voltare explains.

"Understood sir. Vox, Resist, break off formation and assume defensive flanking positions."

"Copy that. Vox out."

"Understood, Resist out."

The Destroyers break off, and just then, the radar officer jumps up.

"Sirs! We're in firing range!" He yells.

"Open fire. Fire all torpedoes, sections A1 through M1 now. Get those ships out of the air." orders the first officer.

The weapons from all three Star Destroyers emerge, forming almost one huge weapon discharge, and hits the closest Sith ship. Its shields flicker, then drop. Another wave of torpedoes ends it engulfed in flames. The remaining six Sith ships begin to move on the fleet. Meanwhile, the two side's fighters meet in the middle, errupting in a mix of lasers and missiles.

Voltare walks over to the comm center, and opens a link to station below.

"We were just in the neighborhood, and thought you might need a hand."

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