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Possible Sequel

I know that sequel ideas have been thrown around, but here the opening to an idea of mine.

It starts in the same place as the dig, in Borneo where another object is picked up. This time they suspect the same situation as last time and a shuttle is sent straight up to intercept. There is a clearly visible entrance this time. The shuttle team goes to investigate but found it sealed. There is hope however, around the entrance is a bunch of animated engravings (similar to the ones in the museum spire) that show Boston, Maggie and Brink. So a second shuttle is sent up, with them on board to investigate. They gain entrance to the asteroid, and follow a passage to its core. There they find another animated egraving, which, shows the Cocytans returning from Space Time Six, but being followed by other creatures to Cocytus. The animation finishes, and the asteroid seals itself and the crew are again plunged into deep space. The ship lands and the crew 'get out', but this is quite obviously not Cocytus. Where are they, and why were they brought here?

I have more, a lot more, but I think Ill leave it here for the moment
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