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To Joshi:

Um....first time was at the book signing where i said he had an interesting watch. Was about the size of a sundial and had more gadgets than Q and Batmans utility belt put together. He replied "alot of deep sthea divfers haff them"
being the old guy he is i wondered why he had one and asked. Apparently i was taking the "pith".

Second encounter - he had a gaggle of bearded geeks and smitten female fans with too many bangles on clustered around him. He was gloating that "in the offith we listhen to the thong (I love that he said this) FISTHCE HEADS (Fish heads)." Apparently by Reel big fish.
Me being a panikity sod corrected him saying it was Barnes n Barnes. He also took offence to this and told me i was wrong repeatedly (much to my amusement) so i emailed proof to his agent.

Lastly at the last con i went to i was a crew member filming the convention DVD and needed him in the hall quickly, as 200 people had been waiting 15mins for his arrival. As he presumably didnt like me he then proceeded to take a further 10 minutes adjusting his ****ing hat!! Whilst i waited at the door.

Thats why we don't get along.
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