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Lyna ignited her lightsaber. "We're on it! C'mon, Cyan! Chaaaarge!!" She made a Force speed towards the Stormtroopers, and swung her lightsaber in many ways at them. Using her Slave girl moves, Lyna made a split with her legs down to the floor, when a blaster bolt aimed at her. She then started to block the shots with her lightsaber, killing every Stormtrooper in the bolts' way. "Surrender or die!!" Lyna exclaimed.

Cyan made her special Sonic Howl on the Stormtroopers as well. The men were flying around, and crashing into walls. Cyan lowered her powerful howl, and snorted. Then she jumped on a Stormtrooper, and bit his hand. "AHHHH!!! Get it off! Get it off!!" the Stormtrooper yelled.
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