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Looking for sites, and a fic.

Back when I first played psychonauts I went crazy looking for sites about it. Messageboards, fanfics, fanart, interviews with Tim, behind the scenes stuff, what have you. I'm just coming back to it now and I can barely remember any of the stuff I found what must have been years ago.

Anyway, I found several sites with art and fics, but since I didn't keep track, now I'm trying to find them again. There is one fic in paticular that I really liked but I can't seem to find. I looked all over Nothing.

The story was about Raz first discovering his powers. I don't remember how old he was supposed to be. He was, though, much younger, and was training for his first acrobatics act. The kid seems paticularly nervous, as observed by his father, who gets worried about him. It's during the act that he falls but catches himslef using telekinesis. It was a very well done story and if ANY of you have ANY clue where I can find it or any other psychonauts sites where it might possibly be found, could you please let me know as soon as possible? Thank you.
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