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Ganner threw his lightsaber at the open doorway in which the stormtroopers came. He succesfully hit eveyone in the way, killing about 8 or 9. He caught his lightsaber as he jumped in the air and then landed on the shoulders of a trooper, stabbing his head, then leaping over the crowd of men landing in the hallway.

He unhooked the blaster rifle from his belt and unloaded on the group in front of him, while deflecting the bullets that actually would have hit him. "Crap, this is a little too much for me." He looked at his only escape flooded by stormies.
"Great. Now what." he started running down the hallway, opposite from where the troopers were coming from finding a room somewhat dark, but enough to see.

He felt something behind him so he turned around, igniting his saber, but was too late. He fell to the floor unconcious.
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