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You've gotta admit though, Luke screaming, Greedo shooting (and Han head bobbin'), and Temura Morrison's phoned in performance for the redubbing of Boba Fett were pretty dumb changes though (I'm surprised Fett fans aren't more angry with the latter, but I guess they've switched from liking Boba to liking Jango?). And what's with the Emperor's dead-pan acting in the altered ESB hologram scene? The makeup looks off somehow... and why did they alter the dialog? Unnecessary.

And pasting Hayden Christiansen (from stock footage costume tests for crying out loud) on top of Sebastian Shaw's body was unforgiveable.


I'm more pissed about the awfully botched "restoration job" and bare bones feeling of the extras in the 2004 edition (when you look at it, most of them are dated advertisments for video games or fluff teaser pieces for Episode III), than just the idea of the Special Editions.

Any "fan" of the Special Editions should be pissed about that. Sure the picture is sharper and there's less grain, but the colors are all wrong and it's too dark. The sound is off on the english/spanish tracks of ANH as well. Compared to the 1997 editions that we saw in theaters, these DVD's look like crap! Of course people who have never seen Star Wars before won't notice this, though they will notice how lightsabers keep changing colors!

Lucas hemed and hawed for so long before finally releasing the originals on DVD in 2006. I'm glad that finally happened, but was that so hard? He should have released those back in '97-'98 (along with the '97 special editions which STILL have never been officially releasd on DVD), and released the 2004 editions for the 30th anniversary (done properly), and included an anamorphic original theatrical trilogy for the box set.

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