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((Honestly, with the way things are, theres only three or four people left on the roleplaying forum. My motivation to continue is dwindling, just to make it aware to everyone else. It's not personal to anyone, it's just lack of activity is not such a great driving force to keep going.))

The fight was brief, though intense. The blades locked and clashed, Strider's blue blade moving in a swift flurry around Orpheus, his own unique style being of nothing anyone had ever seen before. Orpheus put up a good fight, however was not a match for the thousand-year veteran Sith Hunter. Their blades clashed briefly then Strider forced Orpheus' blade to the ground and kicked to the side, knocking his hilt from his hand. He swirled around after the kick and drove his blade forward, running the blade through the Sith Lord's stomach. He deactivated the blade and hooked it on his hilt as Orpheus crumpled to the ground, dead. He raised his hands towards the remaining opponents in a threatening gesture and glared, daring any of them now to come forward to fight him.

((The thread starter can control it from here. My job was merely to remove Orpheus to allow the rest of the Jedi to progress.))

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