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Lyna continued to fight off the Stormtroopers, one by one. She then noticed that Ganner was missing. "Where's Ganner?" she asked herself. Slashing down every Stormtrooper in her way, she ran down the hallway, trying to find him. When she found Ganner lying on the floor in a dark room, she ran in, knelt down, and held him up.

"Ganner? You okay, buddy?" Lyna asked, concernly. She touched his forehead. He was still alive. But before she could help him up, the lights came on, and a bunch of Sith and Stormtrooper surrounded them. Lyna kept Ganner close, making sure that none of these fools would try anything crazy.

All of a sudden, Bonty Zam came out from another door, along with Logan and Jorgan. He laughed. "Welcome, Lyna... and her friend. What a nice reunion we're having." Lyna glared at the ringleader. "Zam! You... you...!" She was about to get up, but a Stormtrooper swung his rifle across the back of her head. She fell down, becoming unconscious with Ganner.

A Sith looked down at them in disgust, and turned to the commander of the Stormtoopers. "Take these Jedi scums to the detention cell, until Darth Nihl comes." Without any questions, the commander bowed and took Lyna and Ganner away to the detention cell.
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