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so let me guess, an alien race followed the Cocytans from Space Time Six, something nasty happened, which would be why the Cocytans have sent another asteriod towards Earth.

By the way, what do you mean by the obivous opening on the asteriod? What would it look like? How big would it be? Could the opening be seen from the ground, is it facing away from the Earth, or do you have to get close to the asteriod to see it? Would it be like the outside of a cathidral, or more like the Cocytan landing pad where a side of a dodecahedron can fit into perfectly? Otherwise, how obvious did the designers of this opening wanted it to be and for what purpose? unless that is a part of the plot as well, which with that you can continue on with the part that comes next.

Also, am i right that the Cocytans sent the asteriod and that they are trying to communicate something with the animated engravings? Why did they bother making engravings of Boston, Maggie and Brink? Will any of them play a part in the next shuttle crew that's sent up?

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