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Originally Posted by Du Man
so let me guess, an alien race followed the Cocytans from Space Time Six, something nasty happened, which would be why the Cocytans have sent another asteriod towards Earth.
Yes is the simple answer.

The obvious entrance appears as a pentagonal impression containing four other geometric shapes, which are the tunnels, covered by plates. Basically as the Atilla might have been if it hadent been 'weathered' from traveling so long. The animated engravings are there to show that the opening can only be opened by the original trio, as the four plates have been coded to them. To put it simply its not a 'puzzle' that only the 'most worthy' can figure out, but a direct message to the trio that your presence is requested. The engravings would show them pressing the plates and opening the tunnel to the core.

I hope that makes sense.
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