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By the time Cade had killed all the Troopers in the area, he was already too late. He krept behind the doorway to see many Storm Troopers and Dark Jedi taking the unconcious bodies of Lyna and Ganner. There was probably no way he could take them all out at once, meaning it could be suicide.

Then he thought... "With a little help from the crystal... NO! I refuse to be consumed by that... brute thing I turned into!" he had his reasons for not trusting that crystal. Something wasn't right about it. He could feel it!

The only option was probably to follow to group directly to the Detention Area. But he had to disguise his presence, because Sith were no fools! He could take the ventilation shaft to the Detention Area, which would lead to the reactor core of the Flagship. On the way, he could set the explosive charges.

"Then it is settled! I go rescue Lyna and Ganner from a horrible death and blow up the ship at the same time. Everybody wins... sort of..."

He pulled the grill protecting the entrance of the Ventilation Shaft. A horrible smell erupted from the man-sized passage way.

"Ugh... well'p, nobody said being a Jedi was glamorous!" he went stragith through.

"Don't worry, Lyna!" Cade spoke telepathically to Lyna, due to the bond between them. "I'm comming to get you!"
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