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Lyna began to awake slowly, after that strike she had across the back of her head. She touched her head, and rubbed it. Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

"Don't worry, Lyna! I'm coming to get you!" It was Cade's voice, telling her that he was coming to the rescue. "Cade?" Lyna slowly sat up on the detention cell's bed. "Ooh... I thought I'd be dead." She looked across the the Force shield, and saw Ganner in another detention cell. "Ganner? Is.. is that you? What happened?"


Cyan noticed that Lyna and Ganner were captured. She was worried that something would happen to them, but she had to have hope to save them. Cyan followed Cade into the ventilation shaft, and walked by his side. She squealed, telling him that she'd help Cade find Lyna and Ganner.
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