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"Yikes!" Cade was given a slight shock when he heard the squeal. He turned around to look at Cyan.

"I thought you were a screaching Mynock at first!" he walked over to the Binjiphant. "This sure ain't no place for a little racoon, like yourself! Stick close beside me! And if you can track Lyna's scent, follow it!" Cade suddenly wondered if Cyan had understood a single word he had just said. Afterall, Binjiphants obviously don't speak human language. He looked down at Cyan.

"Whatever, just follow me!"

In the mean time, Cade had to follow the shaft that he knew went straight to the reactor core. Then passed the Reactor Core would be another Ventilation Shaft leading to the detention area. How did he know these things? He opened his senses through the Force, listening to the hums of the Reactor.

Cade turned through the many passage ways and tunnels in the Ventilation Shaft. At a short distance away, he could here the increasing volume of the Reactor Core. He was getting close. Alas, he reached the grill covering his exit of the shaft. He looked out of it and saw the massive, green sphere of energy, rotating around massive field stabilisers. Only two guards were present in the room.

"This was going to be too easy" Cade thought.
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