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((Very much. They can live long lives. Some say that it is because of the Force. They can be killed by the blade or by extreme sadness, they lose the will to live. Unfortunately in Andros' case, his will is like his mother's too stubborn or rather too tough to die))

"First we must head to the Governor's Palace in Tyan-yu. If anything, the call must be sounded first," Andros replied wearily. He was reluctant to raise his sword again but he was part of that oath until the day he decided to let go and sail to the Undying Lands. "You can contact Little Ben there."

Jun-la and Tulre took it as a cue to offer food and drink. Just because they were going to war didn't mean that they couldn't have good manners. They offerd a cup of tea to both Hethra and Almalexia. Almalexia took her cup and sat next to Andros on the mat inside the hut. She beckoned for Hethra to follow as Andros said, "Plenty of time. The twins have to fetch our ride."

Jun-la and Tulre went into the forest to fetch the draigons that inhabited the forest. They were easier to ride than the Ronin stallions for they were much gentler to the green rider and they suspected that Master Hethra had never ridden one before. They returned with what looked like a small herd of draigons but in truth there was one for each. Their father greeted them by saying, "Ah I see you have found them. Let us be on our way."

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