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Cade observed the Two Storm Troopers. They were engaged to a conversation.

"Gee, these uniforms are so uncomfortable!"

"I couldn't agree more! And what good are they if they can't even protect us against blaster bolts?"

"Some questions we just do not know the answer to!"

The Storm Troopers were facing their backs against the grill. To Cade advantage, he carefully pulled it off, and snuck out of the Vent. He looked down at Cyan.

"Shhhh!" he whispered, placing his index fingers on his lips.

He stayed as low as he can, and krept up to the Stabilisers. He reached in his coat pocket to pull out the charges. Quietly, he placed them all around the machine.

"Hard part was over!" he pulled out the detonation remote, and pressed the Timer Button. This made a loud beep noise, that it got the full attention of the guards.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?" they raised their weapons at him.

"I-I... I am the mechanic! We really need to speak to your boss about the state of these Radiation Field Stabilisers, 'cause they aren't in good shape!"

"It's an intruder! Kill him!"

Cade used the force to lift one of the guards in the air. Then he threw him into the flowing sphere of energy, which made a small eruption.

Cade pulled out his Lightsaber, and Force Pulled the last remaining guard towards him. As the Imperial got close, Cade stabbed the saber through the Troopers chest plate.

"Okay!" He looked at the detonation remote, and set the timer to half an hour. Enough time to grab Lyna and Ganner to get off this boat.

"Lets go rescue those kids, shall we Cyan?"
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