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Originally Posted by Ztalker
In the Kotor games, you could freely choose where to go.
Well, freely might be stretching it a bit. The beginning and end acts of both KOTOR games are quite linear with the freedom to choose where to go and what order to do things only being present in the middle "find the four plot items" act.

(Which, on a tangent, seems to be a popular theme for the roaming part in RPGs as of late... "Find the four waterdhavian creatures" and "find the four words of power" in Neverwinter Nights, "find the four star maps" in KOTOR and "find the four jedi masters" in TSL. )

Originally Posted by Ztalker
In JE, It bothered me that you had to do this 'major' quest for a ship, when you can only visit 2 places with it.
Four places (Tien's landing, Imperial City, Palace, Dirge), though you also have Kang's line of quests involving Lord Lao's furnace and all the shooter mini games to go with it. Jade Empire isn't much of a galaxy hopping game where you need to go around a lot.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Also, I felt like I was being pushed in the right direction by the game.
Jade Empire is a fairly story intensive games that, while it has side quests, mainly focuses on following the main plot. It's not an Oblivion type game with 250+ hours of roaming around exploring the countryside doing things at your leisure. It wasn't a very long game, but that didn't bother me much since I have so many other games that take forever to get though so some variety was nice. Over all I thought it was worth buying and playing though a few times.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Anyone else feel this way? Or am I doing something wrong?
I thought it was a good game with an interesting plot and fun characters with plenty of Bioware style humor and a combat system that made you feel more involved in the fights rather than like watching an interactive cutscene like the KOTOR games sometimes feel. But it's a matter of taste, so you are of course equally entitled not to like it.

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