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Originally Posted by stoffe
Four places (Tien's landing, Imperial City, Palace, Dirge), though you also have Kang's line of quests involving Lord Lao's furnace and all the shooter mini games to go with it. Jade Empire isn't much of a galaxy hopping game where you need to go around a lot.
4 Places? I made a little mistake then. I thought I could never return again after going to the Imperial Palace the frist time....
One more thing: How did you guys play your character? I ended up with using only 4 styles (out of efficiency): -Thousand Cuts -Longsword -Jade Golem -Spirit Thief.
I ened up like...a Jedi Sentinel from Kotor. Is it worthwile (and balanced) to play a full-Melee or a full-Magic character?

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