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Originally Posted by Lord Foley
Also, the fatal flaw: Nihilus is a male, while the canon Exile is a WOMAN.
You could argue that the essence of a person has no gender, but lucasarts would not confuse people like that.
The theory does take that into account, although I may not have touched upon it until the second or third post in this topic.

Originally Posted by Lord Foley
Perhaps Darth Nihilus was what became of the Exile's master. This would certainly explain their supposed 'connection'.
I have suggested that myself earlier also. However, a straight master-apprentice relationship doesn't quite go far enough to explain the unique relationship that we know exists between the exile and Nihilus.

The masters: "The Sith are a threat, it is true. But the threat they present... it is tied to you in some way. The echo we have felt on the worlds we have walked - we have encountered it only once before, when you stood before us at your trial.We believe that somehow, you are creating this - or that the Sith have learned this technique from you."

A simple master-apprentice bond does not serve explain this IMO. That bond is well-known, and the jedi masters on Dantooine would seem to have no reason to suspect the exile for being responsible for Nihilus' destruction of Katarr if that were "all" that connects the exile and Nihilus.

Originally Posted by Lord Foley
If Nihilus was indeed the Master rather than the alter-ego, he could have suddenly sensed his former apprentice again (the one who had left him so empty) when she reconnected to the Force.
The exile has no force connection and does not yet use the force through others yet. Thus there is nothing for Nihilus to detect. Indeed, one could argue that the exile has no force connection at all (which is true), and so cannot be detected at all except by witnessing his actual use of force powers.

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