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Operation Combat Sweep

Commander's log - Anvil's Hammer

Roughly a year ago, right after the Battle of Geonosis, the Senate issued an order for the creation of three cloning ships, similar to the new Venators, that would serve as the main breeding ground if Kamino was destroyed or taken over. I am Commander Nano, the first commanding officer of these three ships. This will be the log of the test runs of the ships.
We sent an emergency message to HQ but it was to no avail. The last we knew our ships had successfully entered hyperspace and established communications with each others when we suddenly came out of hyperspace. It was a strange system that our charts couldn't recognize, so we landed on the moon of the only habitable planet and attempted to contact the native humans. The cloning machines have begun to develop the new soldiers for our cause.


Commander's Log - Anvil's Hammer

My predecessors failed miserably. They managed to unite the natives and teach them how to save their world, build better weapons and such. But by the time I, Commander Havoc, took over my predecessor, the natives were divided into roughly two pieces. The government's officials who rule and wish that we could help them to achieve a new level and the underground revolutionaries who wish to drive us away. Recently the largest group of them that like to call themselves the Area 51 has began a full guerilla war against the rightful army. Planet Earth is succumbing into chaos and the government wishes for us to be it's saviors. So we sent two of our ARC teams down there to drive a Combat Sweep through one of the worst battlefields yet. We have not yet heard back from them.

Simple. Know how to write, no godmoding, no explicit language blah blah blah.
You should know the basic rules by now, eh? Also, no Clone Commandos. Only ARC troopers.

And by the way, I'm serious about the writing part. If you don't know how to spell right, bugger off, mmkay?

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