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Number: Beta-03
Codename: Jaguar
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Specialty: Recon


The LAAT craft was silent, the only noise heard was the engines of the two crafts swooshing down above a silent forest and heading towards a city that the natives call Moscow. During the many weeks of guerilla attacks and following surrounding of the military, the city had been much turned into rubble. As the two LAAT/i craft flew over the city, the gunners were scanning about with their weapons in search for enemies. The ships did get safely to what is known as the Red Square and let the teams out before heading off again. A minute later, one of them was hit by a rocket as it was swooping upwards next to the church tower. The second LAAT rose more quickly, opening fire and soon the top of the tower came crashing down upon itself. Th craft then continued off again.

Jaguar pulled out his WESTAR and a map of the city provided by the government.
"Scans show no movement, sir. Where should we start?" the recon asked and looked at the captain through his helmet's visor.

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