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Originally Posted by The Seeker
So, how does the Zune compare to what it is up against?
Well, I'm still getting used to it. I loved my ZVM. It was easy to navigate and had a button that I could customize to do what i wanted. Like setting it to "Random Play All". I miss that. My biggest complaint so far is that the Zune will not connect with WMP 11. It has it's own proprietary software which is just a suped up version of WMP. I also wish I could set it as an external HD like I could with the Zen.

The good stuff is that the screen is huge and the picture quality is great. The menu system is very easy to learn and navigate. Once you have the Zune software setup the way you want, everything is quickly transfered. The wireless transfer is really fast and kind of a neat feature.
Edit: I think with time, and if MS gets away from the proprietary software, the Zune could do very well in later generations. The sound is great and I can actually see the album art while driving. I'm pretty happy with it at the moment.

There are few reasons as to why I won't go with an Ipod and it's not because it's Mac. I honestly don't like Itunes. I hate that it converts music to a different format. Also, I worry about how thin the Ipods are. Knowing myself, I would probably sit down with it in the back pocket and crush it. But, I know it's a good machine for some people so I won't knock it either.

But as Anthony said, this thing plays music and that's all that matters. I'm still looking for walls if anyone cares to share!

This is just my opinion....
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