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Fender, I have since re-evaluated my conclusion based on the obvious reasons of it being children voting, most of whom are immature idiots anyway, and the apparent voting of green by all of the chavs just because most of my friends and I did, even though it was supposed to be confidential.

I think that the chavs are a worry in our country almost as much as the political state is. The fact that the large majority of most UK schools (definately mine) is populated by inbred, brain-dead morons whose parents are probably only about 12 years older than they are is worrying, as is the fact that the only reason the schools aren't even fuller with them is that most of them are roaming the streets (usually drawing random crude pictures of various genitals with the words "ur mum" following an arrow pointing to the picture), as is the fact that probably over 90% of today's youth has almost no sense of right and wrong at all.
This isn't a new problem, but it is definitely an increasing one. Something seriously needs to be done about it, but there doesn't seem to be much we can do. I'd prefer something involving fire.
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