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Originally Posted by Darth333
no, no maps for the KT module editor have been released. If you want to edit those areas, you will either have to do it manually with k-gff or make your own maps:
Preface: I am a rookie noob in re:modding, so if this question is over the top simpleton forgive me!

Well, I have a question regarding the above. I happen to have discovered a friend who is highly skilled with 3dsMax and has it at home to play with. After reading the link in Darth333's post, I for a moment was excited. My friend can easily do all of the steps involved with the guide's instructions - shoot, I feel like I could do it. But Fred mentions in that post that he would need to do the final rendering and what-not to have the map usable.

Question 1: As Fred no longer supports KT, is it safe to assume that we can no longer expect to have new maps available for the editor?

2: If no to 1, who can do that final rendering/ what's involved?

3: Is it that important? I have been thinking about using some modules not listed in the maps available, and am wondering if it matters, since I will edit the modules using K-GFF anyway.

Thanks in advance (assuming someone actually looks at this old thread!!!!)
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