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More game glitches...

I encountered two more game glitches that I thought I would post.
The first is a trampoline glitch in the Waterloo World level.

This (see image) is the trampoline next to the hungry peasant's house. I had Raz jump onto the trampoline to access the roof. Instead of bouncing up, you can see that Raz got stuck. The trampline is locked in the "down" position with Raz on the edge. He kept "sliding" (like he does on rails) on the edge of the trampoline and no matter what I did, the trampoline wouldn't "unbounce" and I couldn't get Raz to stop sliding. I had to reboot the game to get past this glitch.

I thought the second glitch was very funny. Whenever I enter the Asylum grounds I always make it a point to do something to the annoying crows. Unlike their seagull counterparts on the mainland, the crows will attack Raz before flying off so I always like to strike first. They'll even attack you when you set them on fire (and they're all aflame) whereas the burning seagulls will just try to fly off.

However, this one time (see image) there was a crow that didn't fly off. No matter what I did to it, it just sat there. I could hit it and the crow would move like a football would when you kick it but it didn't make any moving or flying motions. It was like a crow lump. I ended up leaving the area and when I re-entered it, all the crows behaved normally. This has happened twice in two different run-throughs of the game (out of the 20 or so times I've been through it).
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