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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
You do realize that Vrook was the one stating that, and that Vrook sees everyone as evil if they stray from the Jedi path. Even seeing Zayne as evil in the KotOR comics, when he wasn't.
Vrook was not the only one saying that in the game, and the only time he ever appears in the KotOR comic book is in issue 9 when Draay and his cronies are called before the council, at which point Vrook surprisingly enough avoids speaking for or against Zayne in any way.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
The Jedi Council was afraid of what had happened to the Exile and instead of trying to understand it, they exiled him/her.
Yes, but that does not invalidate how they sense the same thing from the exile that they do from Nihilus. Indeed, that they did still begs an answer.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Kreia stated that all the Jedi at Malachor V either fell to the darkside or died, save one. The Exile, how do we know there wasn't another Jedi present that also fell to the darkside but also left a wound in the force similar to the exile and unlike the exile began feeding on people with the force.

If one survived by creating a wound in the Force, isn't it possible someone else did as well.
The most obvious problem with that is that it contradicts the very point you quote Kreia for - that only the exile chose a different path.

Add to that the only time - to my knowledge - that Nihilus is actually named in the game, which is the description of his mask, and it becomes even more contradictory:

"You have taken this trophy from the remains of Darth Nihilus - it is the last surviving piece of the beast who died and was reborn in the shattered world of Malachor V. By taking it from him, you have gained a stronger tie to the Force."

This is not spoken by Kreia, but stated factually in the game, which means that Nihilus did die on Malachor V. Thus he chose one of the two options Revan forced upon the jedi there - turn to the dark side or die. Nihilus died. Then he was reborn and turned to the dark side. Since rejecting either choice is the basis for the exile's ability to wound the force, that certainly seems to contradict with the idea that Nihilus might have made the same choice. Indeed, he "made" all the other choices available. So I don't think that can be used to explain his similar abilities.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
In a way Nihilus and the Exile were kindred spirits, but they were not a part of each other. The Exile chose one path, while Nihilus chose another path.
Then why do they have so identical powers that the masters think the exile is responsible the destruction Nihilus has wrought?

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