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Originally Posted by Joshi
It technically works in waves, as you say, it started roughly in the 50's when teenagers started to rebel more, but back then it was still a rare thing, kids back then were mainly very law abiding and so on.

Now it's changed, there are a lot more "rebels" or what they like to think of themselves as "non-conformists" around now (not more than conformists mind, if there were the world would be in much more diarray than it is now). In fact, it's become to cliché to be a non-conformist now that it's more non-conformists to be conformist.
Haha, almost right on the last point. I think it's more a case of rather than non-conformist attitudes springing up, there are simply more conformist avenues available. There are still the non-conformists, who don't conform simply by doing, as opposed to thinking and moulding an image.

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