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OJP Enhanced v0.1.0 is out. This is the big one!

For those new comers...
OJP Enhanced version 0.1.0 is the primary project we've spent most of our time on and it modifies a large number of aspects of the multiplayer portion of Jedi Academy. While this mod has many gameplay alternations, the crown jewel of this mod is its heavily modified sabersystem focusing on balanced movie realistic combat. Rather than the jumping, swinging, and missing of base Jedi Academy, our focus is toe to toe blocking, parrying and comboing and alot of other moves. It is very complex so PLEASE READ THE SABER MANUAL. There is also an RP-like system in which weapons, items, and forcepowers can be bought with points earned in battle.

Download available @ GameFlood. While you're there, please vote for us, we're in the GameFlood mod contest and we need more votes to secure a top ten slot!

We'll add more mirrors after the contest is over.

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