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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
Despite what Jawajoey said, I think that TFU is being overhyped. Yeah, it uses a technology that, currently, only that game and the instant-classic GTA IV work on Euphoria. Course it's being hyped then, even and ever in the shadows of the polemic Rockstar game, that's expected.

I think, however, that it'll be great, IF the final product is what it promises now. But, for some people, it'll be a letdown, no doubt. You think, that when the only Star Wars title announce for the next year (aside from a reduced Battlefront game and a re-release of two recent LEGO based games in one) won't be hyped?
That's true. I'm sure that hype will ramp up significantly in the coming months. We'll see if they overdo it. But so far, none of my excitement for the game has come from propaganda or media exposure. The facts are what are getting me pumped.

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