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64-bit update patch

Has anyone managed to find a way to patch this game to version 1.1 on a 64bit operating system?

64 bit operating systems do not run 16bit programs. The game's header shows Grim Fandango as a 32bit program (which I can run) although the installer is only 16bit. So I can run the program but not run the installer. Bypassing the installer and copying the files from the cd onto the hard drive will allow the game to be played (in Win98 compatibility mode).

The problem is the update patch also has a 16bit installer and so cannot be installed on a 64bit operating system. I cannot find anyway to bypass the installer to get the game patched.

Has anyone managed to hack the patch's installer to find which files and settings are changed? I have searched the internet and spent days on this problem but have not yet found any solutions. If I don't find any solution then it will mean that I can never play this game again
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