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Roll looked outside into the foreign world a little apprehensively. This was the first time she'd ever seen what it was like outside and despite how much she had mentally prepared herself for the sight, it still shook her. Taking a few tentative steps forward, she hiked her jacket up around her neck and led her team into the sparseness of the Wasteland.

Casting a glance back, she looked over each person's face to gauge their reactions. She had divvied up responsibilities back in the meeting room, making sure each person had a job. They had all listened and responded well enough, and she just hoped that they would continue to once things got hairy. She was quite sure that things would get interesting, whether she wanted it to or not.

Taking a compass from her belt, she squinted at it and watched the arrow flip a few times before righting itself. "C'mon, ladies and lads," she said, adjusting her steps a few degrees. "We're going this way."
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