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Originally Posted by gangsta2007
but how can i see if they have enabled cheats or not i go to server info but it isn't anything about cheats there....
I think it will say cheats enabled on the server info if they have been turned on. However, if it's a mod then you'll just have to enter to find out. I believe that JediMod allows doublebladed sabers, so perhaps you can look at the mod the server is running to guess. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I've been kinda out of the loop as far as Jedi Knight multiplayer is concerned.

and why isn't it so many cheats servers on FFA?
Well, cheats are fun for singleplayer, but most people don't really like being killed by an invulnerable guy in their FFA. Since admins can't enable that cheat only, they just disable them all (or get a mod that lets them).
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