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Kat gulped as the vault door creaked and groaned, the ancient and rusted-over gears going to work for the first time in five generations. A strange mixture of excitement and nerves wracked her body as she watched the first natural light touched the soil just beneath the edge of the door. She couldn't help herself - she grabbed her brothers hand, squeezing it hard.

Travis would have looked at his sister like she was crazy if he hadn't been concentrating on the door. He coughed a bit with the first blast of the overwhelmingly warm 'fresh' air. For God's sake, the artificial air was better in the Vault...

But then it was open, and the grey, subdued light was pouring in. His eyes widened as he looked outside for the first time as the completely barren wasteland that spread before them. In all of his readings and studies...he had seen pictures of what the world ad looked like before the nuclear war...and the fact that it was all gone - every last scrap of living things...gone...

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