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How do you roll?

I absolutely love this game and the plethora of avenues for character development. When I jumped off as a Redguard Knight, do-gooder type on the quest for emperor and lands, I had no idea of the magnitude of this game or the depth at which your character can achieve.

At first it was fulfilling quests and helping others while staying vigilant to the overall quest of elevating an emperor and staving off Daedric attacks. But, as I met and interacted with others, I found myself saying "Next time I play, I'm gonna be this, or next time I'm gonna do that..."

One thing is for certain. You can't do everything in one playthrough.

So, in keeping congruent to my now developed character, I will continue on the quest and stay true to form, a few liberties aside of course.
I will continue to master the blade and block. I will never tire of hunting vampires since ridding myself of this curse.
Although next time maybe...
Becomming a master armorer is within my grasp and my collection of armor and weapons is growing. The rarer the better.

Not much of a spellcaster and my alchemy is still in the infant stage, but I know enough to keep me going.

Elven armor suits me well for now and I fancy the glass weapons.
I do keep a silver sword handy, you know for ghosts and such.
When wandering or mountain climbing, the heavy stuff gets relaced by the near nakedness.

...there's something about running with the deer in my underwear.

Anyway, how does your character live in the world of Oblivion?
If I were to meet you on the Gold Road, what would I see?


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